Proven Sub processors

1- Amazon Web Services, Inc.
Purpose : Hosting provider for SaaS platform
Location : USA/EU

2- Google Workspace
Purpose : Email provider
Location : USA

3- HelpScout
Purpose : Customer support ticketing
Location : USA

4- Sentry
Purpose : Email platform
Location : USA

5- Stripe
Purpose : Payment platform
Location : USA

6- HubSpot
Purpose : CRM
Location : USA

7- Puzzle
Purpose : Accounting
Location : USA

8- Twilio, Inc.
Purpose : Cloud communications platform as a service including two factor authentication
Location : USA

9- Slack
Purpose : Instant messaging
Location : USA

10- GitHub.
Purpose : Code repository
Location : USA

10- Rippling
Purpose : HR platform
Location : USA

Proven’s recent successes

New corporate headquarters

Proven is being used to help the new corporate headquarters of a $300M Public Company from India.

New R&D Facility

A Tier 1 Motor company set up a new R&D Facility using suppliers found on Proven.

Buildings to lease

A leading investment firm uses Proven to find partners to find buildings to lease.

Equity management

A leading US-based equity management solutions company is currently setting up Asian HQ via the Proven Platform.