Streamline vendor management, help your portfolio companies save millions.

Why do 60% of Tier 1 VCs use Proven? Because it's an independent platform, where vendors can't pay to play. VCs want to manage their growing vendor library on one custom VC platform. Give your portfolio access to exclusive deals, track savings, and help them connect with the right vendors.


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60% of the top 10 largest VC firms trust Proven for savings from vendors and perk management

The future of Venture Capital portfolio vendor management is Proven

We’re a Venture Capital vendor management platform that is transforming the way VC and PE firms think about vendor organization and perk management.


Spending too many resources on managing vendor libraries and deals?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Up-to-date vendor contact data
Pre-vetted vendors with references verified by Proven
Full visibility on a portfolio company’s tech stack
Centralized record of communication
Detailed analytics and performance tracking
Wade Warren

Does anyone have the latest contact info for Hubspot?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Up-to-date vendor contact data
Darlene Robertson

How long has this agency been working with Google?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Pre-vetted vendors with references verified by Proven
Arlene McCoy

Which payroll software is this portfolio company using?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Full visibility on a portfolio company’s tech stack
Eleanor Pena

Any idea why the deal with AWS didn’t go through?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Centralized record of communication
Jane Cooper

How much did we save our portfolio last month?


Play a more active role in vendor selection for your portcos

Detailed analytics and performance tracking
Up-to-date Vendor Library

Drop the spreadsheets that need constant correction, get a platform that updates itself.

Bring your existing vendor library on board and keep relevant data at your fingertips.

Expand your network with pre-vetted service providers.

Let portfolio companies select and connect with vendors directly.

Exclusive deals

Help your portcos save more across all categories of tools and services.

Connect your portfolio companies to vendors offering exclusive discounts.

Create a one-stop marketplace by including deals from service providers like law firms and accountants.

Track redemptions to know how much your portfolio is saving.

In-depth data

Need insight into the tools and vendors your portfolio is using? You don’t have to ask.

Gain full visibility on the vendors and tools your portfolio companies are using through your platform.

See the most in-demand tools and track which categories are searched most often.

Make accurate recommendations based on the portco's size, industry and more, powered by data from Proven.

Verified Vendors

Make vendor verification simpler and more hands-off.

No more tracking down and checking individual references for vendors. Vendors provide the data while Proven does the vetting.

Allow only pre-vetted vendors on your platform.

Ensure your portfolio companies work only with approved vendors.

Start-up community

Nurture a true community that helps your portfolio companies grow.

Offer your portcos the opportunity to sell to other companies within your network.

Implement a peer-review system where portcos can rate vendors they’ve worked with.

Build a space for companies to communicate with each other, trade vendor experiences and share tips.

You already manage your vendor library and perks for free. Why pay us to help?

Because we’re not just a list of deals. We’re a Venture Capital management software designed to save you more than just money.

With Proven, you won't have to justify

Wasting time talking to vendors who aren’t a good fit for your portfolio.

Difficulty getting insight into the vendors your portfolio companies are working with

Spending hours manually updating your vendor library and list of perks

Low ROI from your portfolio companies not growing fast enough

Your portfolio burning through funds by choosing expensive, bad-fit vendors

Lack of clarity on how much you've helped your portcos save

Spreadsheets and other marketplaces can’t give you the flexibility, ease of use and transparency that we can.

We’re purpose-built for VC and PE vendor management

Proven has been built with feedback from our VC and PE customers over the years.

We have no vested interest in the vendors you work with

We don’t charge service providers anything to be a part of the platform. They can’t pay us to improve ratings or rankings.

We ensure VC firms get their money’s worth

You don’t have to manually update vendor information or verify them. We set up your platform for you, according to your specifications.

You get a thriving community of portfolio companies

Help your portfolio grow and see proof of the value you’ve helped create.

Proven is the #1 choice for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms

Get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Have a riddle that needs a human to crack? We got you.

How do I get started?
Just send us a spreadsheet of your current vendors and we’ll take care of the rest. We'll create a preferred vendor platform that only you and your portfolio companies can access, and give you full control of the system. We’ll even make sure the branding matches your website.
How do I give my portfolio companies access?
We make it simple for your portcos to access the platform. All they need is an email address.
Do you offer a free plan?
For incubators, accelerators and very small VC funds we offer a low cost plan. Please get in touch with us to learn more.
Can I share our portfolio deals with other VC communities?
Yes, if some of your portfolio companies have a great deal to offer, we will consider it for our general perk network, Proven Deals. Please get in touch with us to let us know about your deal.

Help your portfolio companies with strategy. Leave the vendor management to us.

We’ll take on the grunt work of onboarding and verifying vendors and managing benefits and deals. You help your portcos make smarter decisions.

Sounds too good to be true? See Proven in action.

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