Proven is designed
to build trust

Proven is trusted by some of the top Tier 1 VC firms in Silicon Valley today.

Choosing the right companies to work with shouldn't be hard. Proven creates communities of trusted vendors and suppliers that helps your portfolio make fast buying decisions.  Proven is the solution.



Portfolio Companies


Buyer Communities

Proven connects

Proven is a digital community that connects buyers, suppliers, and intermediaries in a structured, independent and non-intrusive way. We work with Tier 1 VC firms to help them manage vendor relationships.

Why build this?

“We started Proven because as entrepreneurs coming to Silicon Valley for the first time, we wanted to know which vendors to trust. We knew there had to better, more efficient way of matching buyers and sellers of professional services.”

There is a better way

Maximize workflow

While there are a lot of apps aimed at the VC industry to maximize workflow, deal management, and portfolio monitoring, the primary source of professional service providers is still word of mouth.

Optimization of time

Reaching out for recommendations, vetting incoming pitches, and brokering connections take time and energy which could be better spent elsewhere. And, that doesn’t take into account the hours spent identifying, and then tracking all the incentives and perks from professional service firms.

Proven is changing the way portfolio companies connect with professional services vendors.

You want a more efficient way to recommend vendors to your portfolio companies. Proven simplifies this process for you.

Custom supplier marketplace

Designed with Operations Managers in mind, with Proven you create your own custom supplier marketplace to connect your investees with your affinity partners.
Proven helps VC firms give perks to  portfolio companies.
Proven helps with vendor selection

Saves you time and money

The platform saves you time and money by vetting service providers, facilitating connection, and managing vendors perks.


Josan - Operations


Macauley - Operations


Sarvjeet - Head of Product

Lead designer

Oleh - Engineering

Marketing Director

Aileen - Customer Success

Head of sales

Neha - Quality

Head of sales

Uliana - Engineering

Head of sales

Pavel - Engineering

Head of sales

Airon - Customer Success

Head of sales

Giritharan - Design

Head of sales

Andrew - Head of Engineering

Head of sales

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