Go from managing lists of deals to powering business success for your portfolio companies

Get a private, customizable VC platform that gives you more control over your vendor library, helps your portcos make smarter decisions, and lets you monitor performance.

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50% of the world’s largest VC firms trust Proven for perk management

seamless communication

Get on a vendor platform that updates itself and makes vendor-portco communication seamless

Get access to hundreds of the latest deals from the largest vendors, automatically.

Ensure your portfolio companies work with the right vendors without having to connect them one-on-one.

Let vendors keep their profiles and contact info up to date, without you chasing them.


Portfolio companies managed by Proven
Verified Vendors

Switch to simplified vendor verification, minus the tedious paperwork

Make vetting new service providers easier with Proven. Let vendors provide client references that Proven verifies for you.

Curate a library of pre-vetted vendors that will help your portcos scale faster.


Verified vendors
Great deals

Save millions across hundreds of deals for your portcos without losing track of a single offer

Gain full visibility on the vendors and tools your portfolio companies are using through your platform.

See the most in-demand tools and track which categories are searched most often.

Make accurate recommendations based on the portco's size, industry and more, powered by data from Proven.


Dollars Saved
Deep analyzation

Don’t let details slip through the gaps. Analyze your portcos’ needs and match them to the right vendors.

Track the number of deals redeemed and the total value of savings for your portcos.

Monitor the vendors your portcos are working with, which categories they’re searching for and more.

Learn about the most popular tools in your portfolio— from banks and law firms to every SaaS product out there.

Easy visibility on clients and tools

Let portcos view client lists and what tools other portcos are using, through more transparent vendor data.

Vendor rankings that you can customize

Categorize vendors and manage vendor visibility by choosing the order in which portcos see vendors on Proven.

Sales channel for your portcos

Help your portcos scale faster by offering their services to each other and becoming part of your vendor network.

In-depth vendor profiles

Minimize trial-and-error and help portcos pick the right vendors based on their industry, scale and specific needs.

Using spreadsheets to manage vendors and perks is free. But you’re paying for it in other ways.

Let Proven take over your vendor and perk management

All you have to do is share your existing data and we’ll take care of the rest.

You’re wasting hours on maintaining and updating vendor libraries manually

Your portcos still end up working with bad-fit vendors and losing money on them

You have no way of knowing what tools your portcos are looking for, what’s already in their stacks and how to use one portco’s experience to help another

Allie Klun
Head of Platform, Sierra Ventures

“Proven makes managing our vendors easy and has saved lots of time and spreadsheet headaches!

With the platform, we're able to organize and share valuable discounts and perks with our Portfolio Companies - highlighting deals from both companies within the Sierra Ventures portfolio as well as a curated list of preferred vendors that we trust. I highly recommend checking them out!”

You’ve tried generic solutions like spreadsheets and shared documents.

You’re here because you’re looking for something purpose-built.

On Proven, no two platforms look alike. That’s because we build them to the VC firm’s specifications and needs. Let’s have a quick conversation about how Proven can help you.

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