Proven for Economic Developers and Investment Promotion Agencies.

Why Proven for Economic Development?

A running Headstart for Investment Promotion Agencies

Help FDI client companies start expanding now, with your Proven network of top-line service providers.

Service provider selection and relationship management simplified

With our easy to navigate portal and ranking algorithm, all your top professional service firms live in one place, where you control the connections.

Increase Transparency

With Proven, you can easily connect FDI clients to the service providers they need and who who recommend. As and EDO, you remain compliant and transparent, while giving investors a beautiful web based platform to view your trusted service providers.

Proven helps you understand which service categories are important.

Pick perfect partners

Not all companies are alike. With Proven’s in depth profiles, help FDI investors find service providers familiar with your industry and ideal for your scale, to deliver the right solutions for your investor's needs.

Trusted by the world's best Economic Development Agencies and IPAs

Proven helps tomorrow’s unicorn companies reach their potential by pairing them with the very best professional service providers.

Great companies have great clients

Proven is used by top Venture Capital Firms, such as Redpoint, TrueVentures, and NEA, to connect their PortCos to the best vendors. Piggyback off the track record of the top performers in the field.

Scale faster with vetted partnerships from within your network.

Help extend your PortCo’s runway with exclusive deals and discounts, allowing your investment to go further.

Proven helps you understand which vendors are the most popular in your network.

Give yourself a running head start and get PROVEN today!